EGGLEZOS, a family business that Thodosis Egglezos started, has been working with forklifts for more than 25 years. A valuable knowledge that has been past on to the next generation.

The company, spoting the market’s needs, specialized in diagnosing, repairing, and the maintening of forklifts, focusing mainly in german brands such as STILL – LINDE – JUNGHEINRICH και BT, depending firstly on a sincere 
relationship with the clients, credibility and the high quality of everything they offer and provide.

Our priority is offering proper service.

Having satisfied customers that trust us 
is what we strive for.

The company is based in Kalohori, Thessaloniki Greece, 
in a 1.5 square klm space, that holds our service units with our excellent trained stuff and 5 fully equiped mobile service units.

• Trading new or second hand forklifts
• With a show room inside our facilities.
• With our main principals being:

Constant evolution 
Spot on Knowledge 
Best service possible
Written Warranties
Client’s Satisfaction  
Well organized back end